October 27, 2017
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Author : Michael Harrison

Where do I Start?

When I get a day completely off – no errands, no commitments, no work – I want to take my bike out, and go for a long ride. I want to feel the wind in my hair (OK, realistically against my helmet) and hear that engine rumble alongside a long, open road. Sometimes, I like to just go where my gut takes me, but as the weather gets colder I like to be more prepared. That’s where RoadCaptain comes in – it helps me plan a perfect ride! (You can download the incredible app for yourself in a couple of weeks!) But, that’s not all I use – read below to find out what you need to make your ride the best ride of your life!

To have a successful long ride, check everything about your bike! Fill up the gas tank before to save time, and check that your tires have the correct amount of pressure or tread. If you need something fixed you can find local repair shops or motorcycle shops using the RoadCaptain App. Confused about if something is wrong and can’t make it to a shop before your ride? Post about it on the RoadCaptain discussion boards for real-time answers and advice from other users!

Step 1: Decide Where You’re Going

There are so many beautiful places all over the country to see foliage, but although fall is one season some start and last longer than others. So, pick your date, then decide how far to travel.

Best Times to Visit:

When to visit – Mid-September to Mid-October. The weather gets cold fast here, so leaves change very quickly and the beginning of the season is best.
Colors– Orange, Purple, Red
Stand-out State – Vermont

Mid Atlantic: 
When to visit – Late-September to Early-November. The more northern, the earlier to visit.
Colors– Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red
Stand-out State – Virginia

When to visit – Mid-October to Early-November. The mountains are the best places to see!
Colors– Orange, Yellow, Red
Stand-out State – North Carolina

When to visit – Early to Late-October.
Colors– Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow,
Stand-out State – Michigan

Great Plains: 
When to visit – Early to Late-October.
Colors– Orange, Red, Yellow, Gold, Dust, Brown
Stand-out State – North Dakota

Mountain States: 
When to visit – Early-September to Early-November.
Colors– Orange, yellow, red
Stand-out State – Colorado

West Coast: 
When to visit – Mid-September to Mid-October
Colors– Gold, yellow, red
Stand-out State – California

Step 2: Pick Your Route

Using RoadCaptain, you can plan your entire trip! Weather has been a little hotter than average this year, so some states might have fall foliage a little longer than they typically do, lasting until mid-to-late November! On the RoadCaptain App, you’ll be able to preview the entire route, as well as interactive videos, updates, and discussions from other users so you can know if it will be as beautiful as you dreamed it would be! Then, download your chosen route right to your phone!

Step 3: Find Your Fall Attractions

On RoadCaptain, you can find local events and attractions. Try stopping by an apple orchard on your bike trip, and picking up some cider donuts! Or if you get cold, stop by a local restaurant for some warm soup, or a pub for some great local beer. You can find these amazing places to stop right on your app!

Step 4: Be Prepared for the Weather

Freezing in the morning, and hot during the day is what makes fall the best season to layer! Check the weather before you ride on RoadCaptain, then make sure to pack your favorite accessories. We love to bike in a thin, leather jacket during the fall time, but make sure you wear what is comfortable for you! Maybe pack a vest if it’s going to get hot in the afternoon. And – always wear a hat or helmet to protect your head from accidents and the cold!!

Step 5: Invite Friends

Fall is for friendship, right? Share your trip plans with your friends – as you will be able plan it all on RoadCaptain, and even download it, so they won’t have to worry about a thing besides agreeing to go! Don’t have any friends nearby with bikes? That’s fine – as RoadCaptain will allow for discussions and shared videos between users, as well as groups you can create or join to plan a trip with as many bikers as you want! You could even meet up with other bikers by checking out events on your route!