Best Weekend Rides  

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08/02/2019 10:13 pm  

Warm weather is coming. What are some of your favorite weekend rides?

Songman (Dale Houston)
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23/04/2019 4:29 pm  

Living in Middle Tennessee, we have lots of favorites. If it's a day ride, we love to go to Lynchburg. Great ride, good scenery, lots of great food and things to do when we get there. Lynnville TN is another one. Bell Buckle. Granville. If it's a true weekend ride, it's a great ride over to The Smokies.

Robin Lauenborg
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24/04/2019 1:18 pm  

Sounds beautiful... Thank you.. I'm in NY but we love to find new places to ride to.  This may have to be a place to stop at..


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